Failing NY Times Targets Trump In New Ad – Trump’s Reply SINKS Them AGAIN!


The New York Times, or ‘Failing New York Times’ as we also like to call them, have just gone to new lows to discredit President Donald Trump.

The paper arranged to air a television ad for the first time in seven years during the Oscar’s Award Ceremony which would focus on the “truth”

During the ad, statements are shown which state,“The truth is our nation is more divided than ever.”

The statements that follow are popular phrases or versions of the truth that are used by Trump and his supporters and then statements used by opponents of Trump.

Some of the pro-Trump statements included: “The truth is the media is dishonest; The truth is we have to protect our borders; The truth is climate change is a hoax; The truth is Obamacare isn’t affordable; The truth is all lives matter.”

“The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important now than ever,” the ad says at the end.


Let’s be honest – this ad is stupid. A stupid liberal attempt to take the attention off themselves and blame someone else. David Rubin, branding executive at the New York Times told CNN the purpose of the ad was to tap into the national dialogue about facts and truth.

Well, President Trump had some truth for them! Replying on twitter with:

“For first time the failing @nytimes will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!”

And Trump well supported on twitter:


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