Fake News! Liberals lead the way on that front!

We’ve all seen this quote haven’t we – plastered all over social media in the lead up to Election 2016. In the quote, Trump calls Republican voters the “dumbest group of voters in the country”, continuing he then says that they’d believe anything Fox broadcasts.

This quote circulated around October 2015, right around when Trump’s campaign was beginning to be taken seriously and originally came with a watermark for “The Other 98%”, a popular left-wing Facebook page (it has now been removed from their page).

However, thanks to snopes.com, we can confirm this quote is FALSE! He never said it!

Snopes.com pointed out that despite People’s comprehensive online content archive, they were unable to find no interview or profile on Donald Trump in 1998, or anything that quoted those words.

While Trump has and had featured in People over the years, they were mostly based on his work on The Apprentice and celebrity styled coverage of his personal life.

However, by 1999 on Larry King, Trump did announced he was a Republican in an interview which is arguably the start of his foray into politics.

So there you go. You can proudly proclaim this quote is FALSE!

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