Gen. Mattis Answers What “Putting Iran On Notice” Means – You Will Love His Reply!

General Mattis has just taken his first overseas visit as the Secretary of Defence to South Korea and Japan. It was while in Japan that Gen. Mattis was asked what “putting Iran on notice” means, and he wasted no time in getting straight to the point about Iran!

Watch here:

Gen. Mattis replied:

“(Iran) is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and what it’s doing is getting a lot of attention”. Mattis went to say that the United States we will be “absolutely clear with Iran, it does no good to ignore it, it does no good to dismiss it”.

“We do not have a situation with Iran, that shows respect for international order, we have seen their misconduct, their misbehaviour from Lebanon and Syria, from Bahrain to Yemen (and) it’s got to be addressed at some point”

God bless this man! We agree 100% and pray for his work!

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