Gen. Mattis – The epic thing he just said about U.S police & ISIS! RESPECT!

We’ve reported on General Mattis before, and we don’t think we will ever stop! The man is so inspiring and his latest statements just show that will be the right man for the United States!

Speaking to reporters outside Trump Tower, the General was again asked about his policy toward terrorists, and more specifically ISIS.

General Mattis wasted no time in reaffirming his points that the U.S needs to annihilate its enemies. Adding “we need to kill them, there is no room for negotiation. If we have to ‘carpet bomb’ them, their homes & their families – it has to be done.”


Gen. Mattis was also asked about urban crime and policing, with reporters touching on the shootings over the MLK weekend.

“We have to support our police, those men and women do a great job, a hard job – and often with little to no additional resourcing. They make do on tight budgets, and a lot like the military – they get on.”

Finally, some true patriots in charge of our country!


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