General Mattis – on Islamic & Muslim extremists & terrorists – you have got to see this!

During his nearly 4 hour grilling in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. James Mattis was questioned on everything from domestic crime, to international cybersecurity and terrorism. 

But our favourite response? When Gen. Mattis was asked about ISIS and terrorist threats in the middle east. Gen Mattis is no stranger to those problems issued a stark warning for all terrorists.

And he didn’t hesitate calling them Islamic extremists!

“We have to be forceful. There is no two ways about, the United States needs to be the aggressor to wipe these people out – ISIS needs to ‘expire’ and we need to be swift” explained General Mattis.

But it got even better with the General saying “we need to call them what they are, they are Islamic and they are Muslims – they’re Islamic extremists and Muslim terrorists – call them what you want, but that’s what they are!”

WHOA! This man has our support!



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