George Foreman Will Knockout Any Of Trump’s Haters! Look At What He Said To Help Trump! Bless!

George Foreman was a great fighter, a heavyweight champion and now a wonderful family man and successful business owner. Foreman knows a little about fighting for what you believe in, and he believes in Trump!

Sitting down with Fox & Friends the two-time world heavyweight boxing champion sounded off on President Trump sayinghe has to keep fighting in order to continue his “winning” streak.

Foreman compared Trump’s battles with the many opposition groups and leaders to the numerous boxing matches he participated in over the years.

“When you’re in something like this, you just have to fight,” he said.

He advised Trump not to listen to his detractors and stay on message, saying that while “in the ring” he would not listen to the “boos” from the crowd until he was home watching the match on tape.

Sometimes people win because they’re winners,” he said.

Foreman also backed a White House meeting Trump had with a black Chicago paster who had reached out to Trump to improve gang violence and crime in Chicago.

“Make (Chicago) a good place again” he said.

Thank for the support, George!

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