GOD BLESS THIS MAN! Watch The Amazing Moment Mike Pence Arrived At The Super Bowl & What He Did Next That Had The Crowd Roaring!

God bless Mike Pence. It’s so refreshing and a pure gift from God to have a Christian Republican in the White House. Indeed, the crowd has his support when he arrived at Super Bowl 51 – and as the video below demonstrates – they couldn’t get enough of Pence and what he did next!

As George H.W. Bush was introduced to the crowd (prayers for him and Barbara), the crowd cheered, but at around the 50 second mark, Pence is shown on the big screen – as you will see the crowd absolutely loses it!

But what Pence did was even better than that! As per his twitter, Pence showed himself and his wife on their way to the Super Bowl on board Air Force 2 – complete with two wounded servicemen!

God bless! He respects America, his family and our military! Thank you Mike Pence!

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