Too Good! Dem Sen. Kamala Harris Argues Against Obamacare Repeal On Twitter – Gets Destroyed!


There are always things too good to miss and this is one of them. Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) who was elected to the Senate in November used her Twitter on Friday to defend Obama after she saw an announcement outlining a possible GOP health care replacement plan.

Politico, who originally published details of the possible plan, advised the GOP “replacement plan seeks to dismantle health care subsides given under Obamacare, in addition to rolling back the Medicaid expansion.”

But that’s not good enough for Harris who claims the Medicaid rollback would be terrible for California because “1 in 2 Californian children depend on Medicaid,” the junior California senator tweeted Friday.

“This plan’s cuts to Medicaid attacks those who need heath care most,” she added.


But like all Democrats, those stats aren’t quite right! In actual fact – it was her admission that 50% of Californian children depend on welfare for health care coverage.

Twitter lit up at this point with many jumping to outline Harris’ incorrect tweet – their main point – California is run by Democrats and it’s their own liberal policies which are to blame for so many people being on welfare. Not Republicans.

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