(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Insane Liberals Chase & Beat Man To Near DEATH At The Berkeley Riots!!!!!

Omg! This is disgusting and hard to watch. As seen in the video, violent liberals set fires, broke windows and raised ATMs on the Berkeley Campus with up to $100,000 in property damage – but it gets worse, much worse.

The video you are about to see shows crazed leftists chasing and beating a man to near death with sticks. Let’s repeat that, they nearly killed a man with sticks! Are they cave men?

While doing so, you hear one leftist screaming “BEAT HIS ASS, BEAT HIS ASS!”

**Watch the graphic video below:


**These people aren’t even human! This is so vile, it makes us sick! We need to share this 500,000 times to show the world it is wrong! They need to be arrested and put in jail!

Don’t listen to the liberal media! They have no idea and talk b.s all day and all night!

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