Guess Who Trump Just Added To His Transition Team That Has Hillary SHAKING In Her Suit Pants!

Columbia – As Donald Trump kicked off his ‘Thank You Tour’ today, he also announced some new additions to his transition team.

The most recent additions are Sen. Tim Scott and U.S Rep. Trey Gowdy, but it is Gowdy who is already making waves, all the way to Hillary Clinton who is said to be running scared! Here’s why…

Gowdy’s will serve on the executive committee and his role will be to provide expertise and insight, and make recommendations to Trump as he completes his administration.


Back in July, Trey Gowdy was relentless in his attacks of Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified emails that she sent from home. Gowdy even sat before the House Oversight Committee where he grilled the FBI Director, James Comey over the handling of the case.

Of equal importance were his comments that the FBI’s handling of the case, “wasn’t the FBI that I know”. Gowdy himself even advised the FBI director, James Comey during the hearing that he had been very careful not to attack or criticize the FBI. It appears he may have been alluding to something bigger, something that was a cover up orchestrated by the Clinton Network – we covered this here.

The swamp is definitely getting drained!!!!

The best part about this appointment? Trey Gowdy will be making recommendations directly to Trump and we bet he will suggest Clinton is sent straight to prison for her crimes!

Trey Gowdy is set to give it all he’s got to take Clinton down!

This news has Clinton worried sick and we think she might need to check out whether she looks good in orange overalls!


Watch that clip of Trey Gowdy here – it’s worth it. Very, very good.





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