Gun Law – Should Ohio State Campus Have Concealed Carry

As you might have previously read on Freedom Liberty News, we strongly disagree with the Liberal narrative on gun law. We have called them out for their poor response to the Ohio state massacre, and their senseless desire to use any natural tragedy (or attempt at one, as was the case in Ohio) to push their anti-gun agenda.

What saved people at Ohio State? A good guy with a gun. It’s simple, guns don’t kill people, people do. This is why we are heartened to see Ohio state legislators advanced House Bill 48 to the Senate floor for a final vote this week.

The bill will potentially give colleges an option to allow concealed guns on campus! We speculate that the events of Ohio state have resulted in Bill 48 being bought forward for quick consideration.

The National Rifle Association has weighed in on the bill in statement which read “without the use of a firearms to protect oneself, an individual is left at the mercy of law enforcement who often arrive after a violent crime has occurred.”  Law enforcement response times vary depending on location and circumstances, but response times do not matter when individuals become victims of violent crime.

The association said the “ultimate goal” of House Bill 48 is to “close current loopholes in the concealed carry regulations and ensure that law-abiding citizens are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

What do you think?

As armed Americans, we believe this Bill is the answer to many tragedies in the United States. While we’ve never been in a situation such as Ohio state, we can only imagine the horror, but even more so the horror of having our guns at home, in a safe.

More good people with guns can only help.

God Bless.


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