Gun Review – Glock G43 9mm

As part of our continued evolution at Freedom Liberty News, we thought we would bring another regular addition to our site.

Gun Reviews!

There are a few things we love – America, God, Republican and Conservative Values and of course, Donald Trump. But there is one more thing, our freedom to exercise our constitutional rights – more specifically – the 2nd amendment. So why not bring you regular gun reviews? We’re regulars at the gun range and the total number of guns between us in our office is well over 150!

We’ve decided we will start with a new release and re-design of an old classic – the 9mm by Glock – the G43.

I had been looking forward to the G43 9mm after Glock announced its release and teased with some info and photos. Glock was finally making its own updated version of the compact 9mm.

But the real question is, what does the G43 bring to an already crowded market? Is it just another single stack 9?

To get things started, I like the size and ergonomics. The G43 feels great in the hand and the ability to conceal it due to its size, is great. Glock has done a great job of making a small gun, feel large in the hand. It’s well weighted and in my hand it feels solid and well built.

But if theres any downsides, trigger control is difficult due to its recoil & sometimes there is a tendency for shots to get progressively worse when firing quickly. It is, after all an 8 lbs weapon with a 1 lbs trigger, so to be fair to Glock, that is expected.

But damn, the G43 comes with a heap of aftermarket parts anyway which can correct this – the aftermarket trigger supplied by Glock for the G43 is a must! But of course, the G43 is a small handgun and it does (arguably with any gun of this size) suffer with sloppy technique.

Regardless, I do love my G43. Glock is known for their reliability and well thought out design for a reason. If I was ever in a situation where I needed to protect myself – I would be happy with the Glock G43 at my side.

Yes the 9mm market is crowded, but you can’t beat the Glock reliability and just the plain old right to own one – 8/10.

Hope you enjoy. God Bless & have fun out there.


3 thoughts on “Gun Review – Glock G43 9mm

  • 12/11/2016 at 1:43 am

    I carry a keltec 380, i like it but I wonder if I should have gotten a 9mm like the glock. at the time I was concerned about the thickness. for those that carry in the front pocket with a padded pouch the 9 is a tad big.

    • 12/11/2016 at 2:17 am

      Yeah, you make some very good points! The 9mm is a classic, but the Keltec 380 is the perfect size for those that carry in the front.

  • 04/16/2017 at 5:36 am

    8lbs gun? 1lbs trigger? What the hell gun did you review? An AR-15 is close to 8lbs….Glocks have a pretty standard 5.5lbs trigger. The biggest concern with a G43 will be muzzle flip. The grip will feel small in the hand of an average sized man. The G43 is a good pistol for smaller men, women or when it is necessary to “deep cover” carry. Otherwise, for a “purse gun” for women and men with hair buns, I’d suggest something like the S&W 642 in 38spl. You lose 1 round capacity, recoil will be slightly less and there is no risk of jamming the action with a moving slide.


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