Hannity Hits Out At Celebrities & Mainstream Media For Putting Out ‘Fake News’ On Trump Travel Ban

Sean Hannity is what this movement needs. It’s what our country needs. And in his opening monologue he wasted no time calling out the lying celebrities and some pundits in the mainstream media.

Hannity claimed they were misrepresenting and “freaking out” over President Trump’s ban on immigration from nations that harbor terrorists.

Hannity said several acceptance speeches Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards exemplified how “out of touch” celebrities are with national security concerns.

Speaking directly to claims that celebrities had called the ban immoral, Hannity claimed “they are willing to gamble with your life”, by not implementing tighter security!

He also called out Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) for his “crocodile tears” for individuals affected by the ban, agreeing with Trump’s statement that the Brooklynite must have a “good acting coach”.

Hannity noted that former President Barack Obama identified the same seven countries in Trump’s order as the most dangerous in regards to terrorism, calling the media’s omission of that fact “fake news”.

Hannity is 100% correct! We need more patriots in the media just like him!

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