HELP! George Soros Is Leading A Successful Campaign To Shut Down Sean Hannity

For the last few days Fox News host Sean Hannity has been going off on Twitter about Liberals trying to have his show cancelled. And the liberals, led by George Soros are winning. He needs our help.

Take a look at the tweet he sent out below:

That;s right – liberals have been involved in a huge campaign to call Hannity’s advertisers and ask they drop out of Fox News and his show. Basically, the left is trying to silence Conservative media.


The Left Is Winning

Here’s what happened. has come forward and pulled their advertising from Sean Hannity.

“The fact that we advertise on a particular program doesn’t mean that we agree or disagree, or support or oppose, the content,” officials said Wednesday in a statement. Yet they fell to liberal pressure and cancelled anyway!

This all started because Hannity ran some hard hitting stories about the murder of Seth Rich. We’ve previously reported about this and Hannity and it’s clear – there’s more to this story than the liberal media will have you think.

It’s pretty clear according to Hannity that such a massive effort could only be funded by George Soros.

And now look – he’s been silenced. He can’t even talk about it anymore.

Can We Help?

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Let’s go Patriots! Our voices need to be heard!


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