Here’s How Trump Could Make Mexico Pay For The Wall!

President Trump has got a challenge on his hands, but it isn’t something he can’t do – making Mexico pay for that wall! As previously reported, Trump has already engaged with the Mexican President and a planned meeting was cancelled over who would fund the wall. However, in an interview with Fox, Steve Moore, former economic advisor to Trump, explained how Trump could make Mexico pay for the wall.

Moore said one possibility is the creation of an import tariff with a provision that the funds go to pay for the wall.

He acknowledged this wouldn’t be his preferred strategy, but it’s something Trump could do unilaterally without congressional approval.

Moore said another option is to institute a border crossing fee whenever a person or vehicle enters the U.S. from Mexico.

“That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad way to fund it,” Moore said. “It’s sort of like a user fee. You’re using the border, so therefore you pay for security at the border.”


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