Hillary Clinton Recount Request is ESTABLISHMENT Politics at it’s WORST! Heres why

As previously reported by Freedom Liberty News, the Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein has requested an election vote recount in Wisconsin and a number of other “battleground” states.

Never mind how strange it is that she, of all people, would request a recount on Clinton’s behalf (we assume it’s out of fear given how corrupt the Clinton family is – the shady business dealings, sex scandals and the number of former Clinton allies that have ended up in an early grave) – but that’s another story.

No, this story highlights the establishment that Donald Trump is set to destroy! Clinton’s email scandal, her overconfidence of a victory – she was the moral high ground, anyone not on her side was racist or stupid!

The problem with the establishment? They don’t want us to think for ourselves, they breed their own waft of superiority that no one else can touch. Like he did during the campaign, Donald Trump today knocked Clinton back down to earth with a statement and a number of tweets reminding Hillary of how democracy and freedom works in this country. Quoting her, as she herself mentioned during the campaign when she thought victory was only a formality – “we have to accept the results and look to the future”.

Eat your own words, Hillary!

Thankfully the future does not include Hillary – they can take their ‘establishment’ and their superiority complex with them.

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