Hillary’s Two Word Response On How She Would Re-Do The Election. Hint: She Has Learn’t Nothing!

It seems the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are still at a loss as to why they lost the election and why Donald Trump garnered such an appeal and support among the American people.

But as always, the Democrats are as confident as ever – of course their way, is the only way.

Opening up about what she would do differently if she could do the 2016 election again, Clinton clearly hasn’t lost her confidence despite the crushing loss giving only a two-word response.

“I’d win”

Clinton made the comment in response to a student during a question and answer period as she spoke at Wellesley College Thursday. Witnesses told NBC News that she said she underestimated how Russian meddling would influence the election. She also blamed the statements from FBI Director Comey about investigations into her emails as the cause of her loss.



Why y’all think she lost? We are choosing arrogance and neglect. Neglect for our security and for neglecting the will of the American people!

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