HUGE MELANIA Secret Exposed – This Changes Everything & America!

A big secret that Melania Trump has been holding close this whole time has been revealed. And thankfully, it’s only wonderful news – no, she’s not a Russian space or a plant by liberal media.

The White House confirmed it following President Trump and Melania’s visit to the Pope this week.

Melania is a devout Catholic!


Now, you’re probably thinking – that’s not a big deal?! But listen to this…

Being Catholic makes Melania the FIRST Catholic to live in the White House since JFK – now think about this, how long has the U.S been without Jesus and Christianity in the Oval Office for? It certainly wasn’t there with Obama or Clinton.

So we can say now for certain, it’s back! Amen!

President Trump is a leader for ALL Americans. His daughter is an Orthodox Jew and himself a Christian. Jesus is back, and Jesus saves!


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