Illegal Immigrants Border Crossing – THE FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Thanks to Donald Trump, a key focal point of this year’s election has been our problems with undocumented illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

As you’ll know, the majority of these illegals cross our southern border with Mexico. Under Obama, our borders have relaxed as he’s tried to replicate what a number of European leaders have done, such as Angela Merkel in Germany; allowing as many as possible into the country so they can attempt to please useless liberal organisations such as NATO and the United Nations.

The most recent numbers we have are from Pew Research who calculate that there were 11.1 million illegals as at 2014 in the United States. The problem is that in the last 2 years we’ve had further developments in the war on terror – the emergence of ISIS has seen the evolution of online propaganda and the ability for them to turn online Muslim sympathisers  into heartless killers. See Ohio State & the attacks in Nice, France – some of these attackers had never even been to the Middle East.

So, this brings us to how many of these immigrants might be criminals. Only an estimated 8.1 million work or are looking for work, and according to the Department of Homeland Security around 850,000 are estimated to be criminals – qualifying as “removable criminal aliens.”

Now we have a problem – emergence of ISIS, lack of documentation, a large portion of them are unemployed and we’ve taken a guess at how many might be criminals.

Let’s be honest, 850,000 out of 11,100,000 seems pretty to low to us! And we note that the majority of these sources are exceptionally pro-liberal, particularly when working under and reporting to an Obama Administration!

Let’s be honest, none of us really know who we have in our country, under Obama we’ve opened the doors to everyone wanting to enter. Obama further implicated himself in this mess when he announced he wanted to give these people social security!

Under Obama, 1 million Muslim immigrants will receive a green card! You work out how many of these want to harm Americans, with access to the internet and ISIS, the ability for these people to become radicalised is a very real possibly!

Obama with some ‘friends’.

Who thinks that Trump should begin construction of the wall on his first day?

Who thinks Trump should begin to deport all illegal immigrants? Especially those who may seek to harm us?

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