IMMIGRATION NEWS – Trump’s New Plan That Could KICK OUT 75% Of Illegal Immigrants!

When President Trump announced he would sort out of our illegal immigration problem, the Democrats and liberals scoffed at him. It was either too hard, too expensive or somehow racist! But Trump has just shown them again with a new plan that will take America back and make our country great and safe again!

That’s because Trump has signed another Executive Order. This latest order will allow the US government the power to deport up to 75% of Criminal Illegal Aliens. And cities that don’t comply will have their funding cut down to $0!

But there’s more!

US Foreign Services Officer Robert Mortensen told the Center for Immigration Studies that the order would do allow for deportation on these 3 grounds.

The new order allows for the Deportation of any illegal aliens who ‘have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.’ 

The catch is, border jumping is a misdemeanor and TECHNICALLY makes them deportable. This could see the deportation of up to 6 Million people.

Second, the order will target individuals who ‘have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a government agency.’

Many illegal immigrants obtain FRAUDULENT Social Security numbers for I-9 forms to get jobs. According to LA Times, this could deport up to 8 Million people! Remember, many illegal immigrants came here on tourist visas and overstayed their welcome.

Finally, the new order will go after people who ‘have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits.’

This means no more Welfare or Medicare or Medicaid for people here illegally. That is now a deportable offense. Surprisingly, the US has no accurate numbers on how many people this is because we NEVER check!

This sounds like the best Executive Order yet! President Trump will make America safe again and this order only helps support our police, economy and our citizens. Trump is only doing what he said he would, and we love him for it!!

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