IMMIGRATION SCANDAL: Austin Teachers Union Helping Illegal Students To Resist ICE!

The United States is welcome to all immigrants who come here legally, there are proper checks and balances for this – this we can all agree. But let’s be real – we need to do something about the unchecked flow of illegals. We need to know who is entering the country and anyone who supports them should be treated as a criminal under the U.S law.

That is what makes this development so scary.

According to the Austin American Statesman, educators who are members of the teachers union group Educate Austin were recently caught handing out literature to students that instructed them on how they should handle immigration enforcement authorities should they appear at their homes and start asking questions.


Reportedly teachers began handing out pamphlets containing information on how to deal with ICE after 51 arrests of illegal immigrants occurred during “Operation Cross Check” in the Austin area, 23 of whom had criminal convictions, with some even being violent.

Following these arrests, Educate Austin distributed instruction documents to its 3,000 teacher members to give to their students. The manual included a section called “What to do if ICE comes to your door.”

Instructions include advice such as “stay silent,” and “do not open doors.”


Since the election of President Donald Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made enforcing immigration laws a top priority in his state, telling cities in no uncertain terms that they “will comply immigration laws.” Recently, Abbott had to threaten a Travis county sheriff with taking away millions of dollars worth of state funding for instructing her office to refuse cooperation with ICE.

Should the Austin School District fall to the suggestions of Educate Austin, there’s little doubt that Abbott will come down hard on them as well.

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