INAUGURATION: Police send MESSAGE to violent protesters and MUSLIMS!

Thousands of police officers who’ve arrived from around the country are getting their assignments from D.C. police. Dump trucks and buses are being readied as makeshift barriers. Roads around the Capitol are slowly being closed off.

Law enforcement officials in the nation’s capital are finishing final preparations for an estimated 1 million people expected in Washington, D.C. this weekend for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump and a series of planned anti-Trump marches and protests around the nation’s capital.

Officials are expecting between 700,000 to 900,000 people at Trump’s inauguration and the police are getting ready to do damage to anyone who poses a threat to Americans or Trump!

Roughly 28,000 law enforcement officers will be on hand for the inauguration and the police and Secret Service have prepared for possibilities ranging from an active shooter to a weaponized drone!

“We’re concerned about every possibility that’s out there,” said Secret Service director Joseph Clancy. “And when i say concerned, I mean we plan for every possible threat that’s out there.”

ABC News reported that the planning process has been going on for a year, and there will also be air support. Security officials recognize that they have to do more than protect the president and his family: They also have to protect the crowds gathering to celebrate and protest.

BUT, it was Cathy Lanier, Chief of Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia who made our favourite statement!!! “Anyone who is here, for anything other than celebration or peaceful protest, anyone who is here to do harm, will be killed. We will be divisive and we will be forceful where needed. Terrorists need not apply…”

Wow! We love that! God bless and enjoy the inauguration!

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