Infuriated Mattis Publicly Humiliates Pentagon After Discovering They’ve Wasted MILLIONS Of U.S Taxpayer Money

Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis released a memo obtained by Fox News Monday that slammed the Pentagon for wasting tax dollars in reference to a US Special inspector general for Afghanistan (SIGAR) report.

The report highlight how the Pentagon spent nearly $28 million on uniforms for Afghan soldiers that had a camouflage pattern incompatible with desert terrain.

Mattis blasted the “cavalier or casually acquiescent decisions to spend taxpayer dollars in an effective and wasteful manner,” and said that he hopes these “not to recur.”

He added that the report “captures how funds were diverted away from other mission priorities,” and that it serves as an “example of a complacent mode of thinking.”

Mattis continued by saying that he hopes more careful stewardship of the nation’s resources will apply “equally from the smallest procurement to the Department’s largest programs.” He concluded with:

“Rather than minimize this report or excuse wasteful decisions, I expect all DoD organizations to use this error as a catalyst to bring to light wasteful practices– and take aggressive steps to end waste in our Department. I’m counting on all hands to take effective action.”

Now Mattis was appointment by Trump not just to get our overseas operations in order, but also fix the mess at home that Obama created and left behind.

This is cleaning the swamp – and Mattis won’t stop until it’s drained.

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