The Insane Amount Of Jobs Obamacare Has Cost America!!!

Listen to liberals fear-monger over what the world will be like without ObamaCare and you’ll get the impression these people think we were living in the world of Mad Max before the president signed his signature healthcare law into effect.

 The law has been a disaster on a number of fronts. The vast majority of ObamaCare exchanges that have facilitated the law’s implementation have gone bankrupt. While Obama promised that his healthcare law would save the average American family $2,500 a year, costs have actually increased by more than that! That, plus deductibles have skyrocketed. A family on a silver plan will have deductibles of $7,474 under ObamaCare this year. Those people are going to need insurance to pay for their deductibles.

With the statistics the way they are, it’s no surprise even a CNN poll found that twice as many people report being hurt by ObamaCare than helped by it.

So, how do you argue against the facts? By appealing to emotion. “ObamaCare resulted in 20 million people gaining health insurance!” we’re told, as if it’s an accomplishment that some people went out and purchased health insurance when it was made illegal to not do so. Of course, to say that those people will lose their insurance when ObamaCare is repealed is extremely unlikely, because, as the Heritage Foundation notes, any repeal legislation will have a transition period for those who got coverage through Obamacare to move to new plans. And second, they will have more choices and better options… and CHEAPER options.

Speaking of consequences, there are going to be plenty of other economic consequences to repealing ObamaCare….. like an additional 300,000 jobs.

Obamacare has cost roughly 300,000 small business jobs due to higher health care costs, according to a new report.

The American Action Forum, a center-right policy institute, released findings Wednesday that rising premiums and regulations under the Affordable Care Act have had “dire” consequences for the labor market.

The report found the law has cost $19 billion in lost wages per year and forced 10,000 small businesses establishments to close their doors. The study covered employers with 20 to 99 employees.

“Research from the American Action Forum (AAF) finds regulations from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are driving up health care premiums and are costing small business employees at least $19 billion in lost wages annually,” the report said. “These figures varied by state, but in 2015 the ACA cost year-round workers $2,095, $2,134, and $2,260 in Ohio, New York, and North Dakota, respectively.”

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