ISIS – Chilling warning to U.S Christians – Orders to KILL CHRISTIANS

The Islamic State or ISIS as it is more commonly known, has members spread throughout the world, from Africa to the Middle East. Indirectly supported by Obama’s weak foreign policy, the group has been given room to breathe – and it has thrived.

The new leader of ISIS’s African branch recently announced his plans for the region. Abu Musab al-Barnawi (try saying that quickly 10 times) called on his future “martyrs” to step up their efforts to kill Christians everywhere. He suggested the blowing up and destroying of Christian churches, through to the killing of charity organisation workers who operate in the region – claiming they were only there to spread Christianity.

The rhetoric used by al-Barnawi is concerning, ISIS attacks this year in Europe, such as those in Paris illustrate the terror groups ability to perform large scale attacks. Equally worrying is their ability to influence through online forums and videos with a number of the attackers having never had left Europe.

What’s concerning here is how this new threat will develop through Africa, and if so – how quickly? It’s common knowledge that their end goal is to reach the U.S.A – the question we must now ask is, how will Trump handle this new threat? Could ISIS convince Americans to commit homegrown attacks?

Thankfully, Trump made no mistake of his intention to destroy ISIS – commenting during the election several times that he would “bomb the shit” out of them. Prof. Peter Smith, a political professor at the University of Oxford commented that Trump’s early plans to tackle ISIS during the election are “something we’ve never seen, no one has really taken these guys head-on before with such balls”. Professor Smith went on to say that previous international leaders had generally relied too heavily on NATO and the UN and he was looking forward to a Trump Presidency.

It would appear that ISIS’s time is up and they will soon have to meet their maker – let’s hope St. Peter isn’t as forgiving at the Gates as Mr Obama has been.



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