John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back – He Has Basically Spat In Trump’s Face!

Did John McCain just end his own career today, while trying to do the same to President Trump! This will backfire on the man who is becoming more and more Democrat by the day!

Speaking to media, McCain decided to air his concerns about the Trump Administration. Specifically referring to the White House, McCain said Trump was “in disarray” adding that the President often publicly contradicts himself.

Going further, McCain slammed the depature of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn saying it shows “they’ve got a lot of work to do”.

Quite clearly, McCain is enjoying himself and believes the current White House and Trump is crumbling!


Why can’t John McCain enjoy himself? Obama is gone, and the Republican party controls all aspects of government! Trump is going to show McCain what leadership looks like – Mr Trump, you have our vote for 2020!


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