Judge Gives Jim Carrey Terrible News Right After He Trashed Barron Trump & Supported Kathy Griffin!

Just days After Jim Carrey defended Kathy Griffin for her horrific move, he received bad news. He attacked Trump and stood up for Kathy Griffin.

Jim Carrey is involved in a chaotic legal matter. His long-term girlfriend committed suicide.

Now her family is suing Carrey for being somehow responsible for her death claiming that he led her over the edge.

They claim Jim gave her drugs, was mentally abusive and gave her STDs.

As the Daily Mail reported, a Los Angeles judge has ruled that Cathriona White’s claim that Jim Carrey gave her STDs before she committed suicide is admissible in court.

This will be in favor of the lawsuits and could leave Jim penniless.

California law states that you can’t expose someone on purpose to a STD. It is a crime and frequently forms the basis of legal action for intentional infliction of emotional distress.


He allegedly gave her Herpes I, Herpes II and gonorrhoea! Dang.

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