Judge Napolitano FIRED From Fox After What He Said About Trump In This Video!

Fox News correspondent Judge Napolitano has been pulled off air indefinitely after comments he made about Trump live on air.

Speaking about information he had received, Napolitano claimed that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at the request of Obama.

Fox News who has been very quiet about this development, despite the report by the L.A. Times which reports and confirms Napolitano is now missing from Fox News.

Inside sources to LA Times said that Napolitano is not expected to return to Fox News any time in the near future. Napolitano has not commented currently.

This is the clip that got him fired!

But why would Fox fire him for this?! What’s the issue? This makes no sense and we stand with the Judge! Who thinks Obama used the Brits to spy on Trump?
Napolitano claims his statement is true and he backs the source that gave the information to him!

One thought on “Judge Napolitano FIRED From Fox After What He Said About Trump In This Video!

  • 03/21/2017 at 3:33 pm

    I love the Judge and he was being honest..I do believe Obama is the worst sneaky snake going. It just goes without saying he no doubt did wiretap Trump. But he himself would not order it. He had someone else to do the deed so he could walk off untouched. This world is over. God will not put up with this much longer. Jesus is coming and this world will be judged by him…


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