Keep Your Friends Close & Your ENEMIES CLOSER – THIS is a message to LIBERALS You WON’T BELIEVE!

Since confirming his election victory only a few weeks ago, as expected President-elect Donald J Tump has gone about his work in the same way he did as the leader of a multi-billion dollar business.

With the election result wrapped up and from the security of his penthouse New York apartment, Trump has begun to name a number of experts, as promised, to his cabinet that can only be described as a masterclass in leadership!

One of Trump’s earliest moves has been to court Mitt Romney into the role of Secretary of State. You might remember Romney, he lost the Presidential Election to a non-American in 2012 and since then has been strongly opposed to a Trump Presidency….

BUT, like most of the cashed up Republican establishment they have come running to Trump after seeing the way in which he will reshape this nation for the better. Trump’s response? Keep Romney close, place him into a position he can keep an eye over and should he feel the need to, he can fire him at a moments notice! Our advice to Mitt Romney? Listen to the Donald, he’s already shown his political muscle to Lyin’ Hilary and should he need to, YOU’RE FIRED MITT!

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