LAME DUCK OBAMA – Stabs Israel in the back – Obama out for revenge

What is Obama trying to achieve? With just a few days left in power, Obama has shafted Israel and possibly ruined their country according to a Harvard law professor.

Obama who led the United States’ decision to abstain from vetoing a United Nations vote that condemns Israeli settlements has been called “bad for America” by Alan Dershowitz.

Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz says “this is Barack Obama, the lame duck president, undemocratically, with no checks and balances, at a time when Congress is out of session, just getting even. Letting his passion prevail over policy.”

“Many within congress oppose, many within the Obama administration oppose it!”

Watch the video here.

It is clear that Obama doesn’t even care about the views or his own administration, congress or the American people!


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