LESSON FOR U.S.A! Sweden – “Rape Capital of Europe” – But why? Answer will NOT shock you!

In late December, Ami Horowitz travelled to Stockholm, Sweden which now has the highest rate of rapes in Europe and is now unfortunately titled, ‘the rape capital of Europe’. But as Horowitz would discover, (Sweden, which allowed more muslim refugees than any other country in Europe) the answer to their problems was clear!

Sweden which once had an image of harmony and liberalism has now been shattered by its demographic shift, which has seen it accept more muslim refugees than anywhere else in Europe.

As a result of this, Sweden is now home to enclaves of Muslim only communities, suburbs and towns. Areas where Swedes, and especially female Swedes will not venture into for fear of being attacked for their dress or culture.

One tactic used by muslim immigrants has been to surround young females, while those in the middle of the group sexually assault their victims. This has been a common occurrence at large events such as music festivals which victims being as young as 12.

“The attacks have become so common, that some bands such as ‘Mumford & Sons’ refuse to play in Sweden”.

Watch this shocking video below, where riots and shootings in Sweden have also increased.


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