When Letterman Read A List Of This Marines Injuries, The Crowd Was Left Speechless (VIDEO)

Corporal Kyle Carpenter is someone we’ve all heard of, he’s an American hero and Patriot who was almost killed while serving his country as a Marine in Afghanistan in 2010.

“I’m an overachiever,” joked Cpl. Carpenter during Letterman’s listing of the injuries.

It was an enemy grenade attack that nearly killed him, resulting in nearly 40 surgeries and the Medal of Honor – Cpl. Carpenter later appeared on Letterman to share his inspirational story and the details of his road to recovery that saw him eventually complete the Marine Corps Marathon.

It would take Cpl. Carpenter nearly 3 years of surgery and painful therapy before he was able to train and compete in the marathon, and it was on Letterman that we heard the true extend of the injuries and surgeries he endured.

Cpl. Carpenter’s act of valor was recognized when he recently became the second living Marine to receive the highest military decoration since the Vietnam War- the Medal of Honor.

In the interview with Letterman, the host describes the injuries, from shattered bones, shrapnel in both legs, two ruptured eardrums, a collapsed right lung, lost vision in the right eye and an obliterated jaw.

And that’s not it!

Watch the moment the crowd goes silent here:

It’s sobering to hear the sacrifices our military heroes make for this great country. God bless Cpl. Carpenter and our military.

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