Liberal Facebook Announces WAR on Free Speech! Is This The Beginning Of Chinese Net Censorship In USA?

Facebook has announced that they will be introducing measures to crack down on so called “fake news” stories. 

Facebook will begin to assess articles posted on their site – and for those which they don’t agree with, or are “fake” as they like to say, will be tagged as “disputed” or “not true”. But, let’s be honest – this is simply a form of internet censorship that is very similar to what users in communist China experience!

China does not allow its citizens free use of the internet and their ability to retrieve information is also very limited. Citizens in China are only allowed access to sites which are pro-government and they have only a locked down, controlled version of Facebook.

Is this what we want in America? Who is Facebook to tell us what we can and can’t read or investigate! This is extremely worrying and certainly begs the question – what happened to freedom of speech?



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