The Liberal Media Beatdown Of Trey Gowdy Has Begun – Look At What They’re Saying About Him

The liberal media is clearly threatened by Trey Gowdy. The man who have easily walked into the FBI Director’s role is now under fired by threatened Liberals as shown by the hosts of MSNBC show ‘Morning Joe’.

Rather than talk about facts, Joe Scarborough claims he “speaks for America” and then implores Trey Gowdy “powders his shiny head” when he is appearing on TV.


Watch what they said about Trey:

See, the thing with these liberals is that they’re getting no where with the fake Russian/Trump story. So they’ll get personal now. And Trey Gowdy is their next best target. He’s a star Republican and a Patriot – they hate that!

Stand with Trey!


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