Liberals attack Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, businesswoman, fashion icon, mother, and First Daughter-elect is under attack. Not only is the left attacking our President-elect, they are now going after his family. Because this is what the left does. They have to destroy and silence anyone who disagrees with them. Their ideas are so weak that they know the only way they can win is to silence and shame their opponents. We have to stand up for Ivanka and the Trump family!

The left is unhappy with her father, Donald, winning a free and fair election and are deciding to “punish” his daughter with a boycott of her fashion line that focuses on affordable clothes for working mothers.

But one nation-wide store, Nordstrom, is not falling for the smears and has decided to take a stand against censorship and political correctness. Here’s a statement from Nordstorm President Peter Nordstrom:
via Fortune:

Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results—if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.” And since the Ivanka Trump brand, he wrote, “has grown to be a sizable and successful business,” Nordstrom has concluded that it’s not worth jettisoning, even if some of its customers feel passionately that it should.

Thank you for standing UP against the bullies and tyrants on the left who want to silence and impoverish those who disagree with them.

This sort of fascism has no place in America.

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