Look At What Nancy Pelosi Just Said – Should Trump Deport Her To Mexico?!

Nancy Pelosi might just be a certified fool, but thankfully for us, she’s also the Minority Leader and a member of the Democrats.

In a recent speech, to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Pelosi attacked the idea of having a wall; claiming we can use “technology” and “manpower” on the border instead.

Let’s be honest here – we know what’s coming over the border, criminals and drugs! We need a wall, now!

But Pelosi wasn’t finished even claiming Mexico was “fabulous”.

“I was thinking when we were in Mexico City and being greeted by the President and the Prime Minister and the rest of it, what a heightened civilization we are in her. Mexico is such a fabulous place”

If Pelosi thinks Mexico is such a great place – maybe she should move there? Or President Trump could deport her south!

But! A quick Google search quickly reveals everything you need to know about Mexico!


Let’s rally behind Trump to send Pelosi to Mexico! If she thinks it’s so great she can move there, and guess what? We are building the wall!


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