Loretta Lynch’s Connection To The Scalise Shooting – She’s In BIG Trouble

Words matter. That is the big lesson Democrats need to take away from this week’s shooting attack against congressional Republicans.

They’ve spent months not only attacking the politics of President Trump and Republicans, but actually inciting violence.

And those calls for marches, blood and even death – as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch requested – have now been answered.

House Majority Whip Rep. Steven Scalise is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries because people like Loretta Lynch think it’s OK to encourage liberals to return to the days of violent protest.

The thing is, words do matter.

While this week’s DC shooter may not have been acting directly or solely on Lynch’s call to arms, there can be little doubt that statement’s like Lynch’s have laid the groundwork for civil conflict like our nation hasn’t seen in 150 years.

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