Love Tomi Lahren? Here’s Our Top 10 Of Tomi!

Can’t get enough of Tomi Lahren? Neither can we, so let’s countdown her top 10 best moments.


10. Tomi is a dog lover and a patriot!


9. We respect law enforcement, and so does Tomi!


8. Tomi poses for an interview with ‘Her Magazine’.


7. Of course, we have to show you Tomi having some fun! She has to give the liberals a break sometimes!


6. What is the scariest thing you could dress up as for Halloween? We think Tomi has the right idea!


5. Signing autographs for the fans! It’s all about you!


4. Animal lover and she owns her very own ‘Make America Great Again’ hat!


3. Speaking at a conservative event for ‘Turning Point USA’


2. Of course, she’s pro second amendment! Aren’t you too?!


1. We have to have this as our NUMBER 1! Always respects the military and Tomi does her utmost to represent them. Charles Keating IV was killed defending Christians from ISIS, and the t-shirt Tomi is wearing donates money from sales to the Navy Seal Foundation. RIP Charles.

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