The ludicrous plan the homosexuals & lesbians have for the Trump inauguration

The liberals are getting more and more ridiculous by the day, and even more so as we edge closer and closer to President-elect Trump’s inaugural. But this latest plan, takes the cake!

In a post on ‘, homosexuals and lesbians have suggested “7 amazing LGBT shows you can binge instead of watching Trump’s inauguration‘. And yes, really, that is real and yes they are that pathetic!

The gay community plans to boycott the Trump inauguration and boost ratings for gay television shows.

However, they do scrape the bottom of the barrel. Listing shows such as ‘Sense8’ which casts openly transexual actress Jamie Clayton to ‘I am the Ambassador, which follows Rufus Gifford, an openly gay ambassador to Denmark.

We’ve never heard of these shows, and that’s for good reason! Terrible!

Is this how low the left has gone? Are we living in the twilight zone? This is truly bizarre times!

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