LYIN’ Hillary – You Won’t Believe What She’s Planning Now!

Washington DC: Following Donald Trump’s election victory on November 8, which was both an example of democracy and freedom in America and for the world, Hillary Clinton is planning to request an election recount!

John Bonifaz, a liberal left wing voting-rights attorney is behind the push to dispute the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – even claiming the results were manipulated or hacked! Joined by J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Centre for Computer Security and Society, Freedom Liberty News understand they are both lobbying and mounting a push for a recount within the Clinton Team.

Why? Because they lost! This is not constitutional! Do you think the election was fair and reasonable?

Do you think Trump will be a great president for the United State of America? We do, and we believe the election results should be upheld and respected!

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