Mеlаniа VIСIОUSLY Аttасkеd Оn Livе TV Lаst Night Аs Milliоns Оf Аmеriсаns Wаtсhеd In Hоrrоr

If there is one thing that the liberal hosts of “The View” enjoy doing the most – it is ranting against President Donald Trump and his administration.

However, lines have been crossed during the latest episode of the show, and not only did the hosts attack Trump, but they aimed at his family as well.

According to reports, a xenophobic attack was launched by the hosts against First Lady Melania Trump for not speaking perfect English, with Behar saying “I bet they’ll let them in if they speak Russian.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin continued the ranting, saying she took personal offense as Spanish is her first language, adding, “I learned English when I was five. The suggestion somehow that you have to speak English in order to merit being an American, it’s just shocking to me.”

The attack first came from Hostin, who said that Trump’s wife, Melania, was an immigrant that doesn’t speak perfect English, with Behar adding “But she speaks Russian.”

To anyone paying close attention, it is clear that the hosts of The View don’t see how hypocritical they are of accusing Trump of xenophobia, when they are being xenophobic themselves. Too bad that was not the end of their ranting, as they moved on to their next target – his children.

Behar went in with a full-head-on attack saying, “Maybe he could look forward to an extended stay at Rikers Island, that might be a fun vacation. So he’ll have his sons with him. It will be like a family reunion.” Her comment outraged thousands, who immediately took over the Social Media to express their impatience with the The View.

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