Did Mainstream Media Report The Speech Trump Gave To CIA Staff That Had Them Applauding For 5 Minutes?! WATCH HERE

It’s funny isn’t it – while we all know that the mainstream media distorts and lies to suit their narrative, they still keep trying? For example, did anyone see the speech Trump gave to CIA employees which had them applauding for 5 minutes? No! So we will show you!

President Trump delivered his first speech to the CIA on Saturday in front of CIA staffers at their agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“I am so behind you, and I know maybe sometimes you haven’t had the backing you’ve wanted. (But) you’re going to get so much backing, you’re going to say ‘please don’t give us so much backing’..” he said to laughter and claps from CIA.

President Trump also received support when he again reaffirmed his position to destroy ISIS.

And at the end of the speech the CIA staff applauded and cheered for a full 5 minutes!

See that on your CNN…..?




Donald Trump delivered a rambling, unintelligible speech on Saturday in front of CIA staffers in an attempt to win over support in the intelligence community.

The meeting follows the multi-agency investigation that determined Moscow interfered with November’s election to allegedly help Mr Trump win the presidency – a report that the Trump administration and Russian President Vladimir Putin vehemently deny.

While speaking at the agency’s headquarters in McLean Virginia on Saturday, President Trump hinted at using unlawful interrogation methods against terrorism suspects, complained about the way media outlets covered his inauguration crowds, and did his best to convince the CIA that he’s behind the intelligence agency “1,000%.”

“We haven’t used the abilities we’ve got,” he told his audience. “We’ve been restrained.”

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