Make Our Military Strong Again! Trump Just Made A HUGE Announcement That Has The Military Thanking Him!


President Trump has promised so many things with the most important being to make our country great, strong and respected around the world. And with one simple announcement he did all three.

The U.S. Government already spends around $600 billion dollars per year on its military – that’s more than the next seven biggest spenders combined, including China and Russia.

But under Obama, things got tight and the military was not respected. Countries like Russian and China grew there armies while the U.S remained stagnant, reducing it’s nuclear strength and military power.

But no more! On Monday, President Trump announced he would inject a further $54 billion more in military spending for the next year. To put that number into perspective, that amount alone is the size of the annual military budget of the United Kingdom and 80% of Russia’s entire military budget in 2015!

The U.S. would be outspending Russia by a margin of greater than 9 to 1.

Who supports our military?! We do! We are thankful for them every single day! Thank you and thank President Trump!

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