This Man Just Waved The ISIS Flag On The Berkeley Campus And What Students Did After Is Unbelievable!

We’ve all seen the riots at Berkeley surrounding the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event at Berkeley campus were all over the news. CNN even held guests that said that the people rioting were Republican operatives trying to incite a riot to make Berkeley and Liberals look bad. Lies!

Leave it to the media to try and protect their own and just ignore the fact that thousands of dollars of damage were done and people were injured during the riots simply for wanting to attend an event.

So filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to conduct a social experiment. He went to the Berkeley campus and waved both an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag to see how the students would react.

The results are probably exactly how you imagine them.

While waving the ISIS flag and blaming the crimes of ISIS on American imperialism, people even wished him luck!!!

These people are that ignorant to not even know what they are wishing for!

Then when Horowitz starts waving the Israeli flag he gets yelled at with multiple people yelling at him, “F*** Israel!”

And the media tried to say it wasn’t the students rioting? This is absolutely DISGUSTING!



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