Man Wears “Make America Great Again” Hat To University – Is CONFRONTED By ANGRY LIBERALS

Video has emerged of a university student in Canada wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat to campus being abused by liberals.

It is believed the footage was taken at a student meeting regarding “safe spaces”. The student wearing the hat is confronted by a number of angry liberals, including one particularly dominant female who can be heard throughout the video. At one point another man approaches and screams at them to leave.

All for wearing a hat that they don’t like.

The female and her fellow comrades is typical of moaning liberals, demanding the man remove his hat because of “what it stands for”, implying the hat is racist and promotes hate.

She eventually resorts to threatening to call university authorities to make the man remove his hat.

Watch the video here.

What do our fellow patriots think? Share and comment if you should be able to wear your “Make America Great Hats” with pride!

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