Media Are Committing ‘Gross Malpractice’ With Attacks on Trump! When Will It Stop?!

Even on President’s day, the mainstream media have continued their attacks on Trump. Fuelled by John McCain, they have been relentless in their made up stories and lies.

Thankfully we have Sean Hannity who used his opening monologue to strike back against the liberal media. Hannity criticized the “modern-day propagandists” in the “abusively-biased media,” who he said are at war with President Trump.

“They are collectively at war with the president because their little egos are bruised,” Hannity said.

He recounted how, at a rally in Florida over the weekend, Trump took aim at news organizations for reporting “one false story after another” and accused them of using false sources.

In response, anchors like CNN’s Christopher Cuomo said Trump’s anti-press rhetoric will lead to people “getting hurt.”

Hannity even calls out the fake news, claiming that Cuomo, the brother of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), and his media colleagues are “the biggest mouthpiece for the left in the country” and “modern-day propagandists.”

He called a montage of press outrage against Trump “exactly why the president calls them fake news.”

“What they’re doing to you, the American people, is a great disservice. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

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