The Media Won’t Report This Key Fact About Judges Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban!

Here’s something the mainstream media won’t report or mention about two of the three judges that rules the ninth circuit court of appeals against Trump..

They were appointed by two of the most liberal, left-wing presidents in American history!

Judge William Canby was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in April 1980. He has a huge history of fighting for liberal cuases. He helped establish the Peace Corps in Africa. Judge Canby is proud of his ‘super-progressive’ standpoints!

Judge Michelle T. Friedland was nominated under Barack Obama to the 9h Circut Court of Appeals. It’s no surprise why she struck down the travel ban!

She was a member of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. It’s a progressive organization according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The last judge is an elitist shill. His name is Judge Richard R. Clifton and was appointed by George W. Bush. This is why Trump’s travel ban was overturned today.

They may have won the war, but they have not won the battle! It starts now, patriots! Let’s support Trump – do you want America safe?!

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