Melania’s First Family Vacation Announcement Shows How Truly Horrible Michelle Obama Was For This Country And Our Tax Dollars!

Melania Trump is a true patriot, and even more so after he latest announcement that goes a long way to highlight how much of a waste of time and money Michelle Obama was.

In this new “chapter” Melania vs Michelle, we are happy to announce that the Trump family will SAVE millions of taxpayers’ money. How- NO LUXURIES! Melania is not going to spend YOUR money on luxury million dollar vacations- LIKE MICHELLE DID!

Melania has also decided not to WASTE taxpayers with any overindulging and lavished jet-setting vacations like the former First Lady Obama did. While the Trump’s are in the White House and the First Family, they will be funding THEIR OWN personal vacations.

That’s right! the Trump family will be funding THEIR OWN personal vacations.

We all know how Michelle is now well-known by Americans as the ‘Vacationer-in-Chief.’ Melania has vowed to keep her personal staff to a minimum, and will only hire as many staffers as are absolutely essential to her job as First Lady.

I think that Melania’s going to be outstanding,” President Trump said of his wife.

Let’s add that President Trump’s taking only $1/year instead of a $400,000/year salary. The First Family will also fund their own personal vacations.

That’s already a HUGE amount of dollars and savings for the hardworking, taxpaying Americans and that’s just comparing Trump’s salary and travel.

The Trump First Family is personally helping to control waste and spending which is a small start towards paying off the hefty deficit that Obama left – close to a $20 TRILLION debt for America.

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