Michael Moore: Makes a prediction that we hope happens! See what he said!

Michael Moore. Probably the worst of all liberals, like the king of the toads, Moore has been making all sorts of outlandish claims and rumors since he first emerged many years ago – but his latest predication, is something we hope comes true!

In an interview with Variety, Moore was asked if Trump would follow through on his Muslim ban. Moore replied “absolutely. What you’re going to see is on day one, he’s going to rescind a dozen or more of Obama’s execute-branch regulations.

“On day two, Republicans will start printing the way you print fliers for a homecoming dance. Before the liberals and the Democrats can get their heads screwed on straight, they’ll have 20 laws passed.

“Building a wall. Creating a Muslim ban. He’s shown how he’s going to do it.

We hope this comes true! Obviously, Moore wasn’t as excited as we are about this, but given recent events (see here & here), we are totally on-board with President Trump!

Ban Muslims!

Moore went on to claim he will initially start by banning Muslims from certain countries, which we believe would make total sense!



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