Michelle Obama MLK Tweet – Is she encouraging inauguration boycott???

They just sink lower and lower! Both her supporters and opponents both saw alike First Lady Michelle Obama’s tweet commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a veiled encouragement for people to boycott President-elect Trump’s inauguration.

The tweet even ended with the initials of the first lady showing that she herself had sent the tweet!

While she is attending the inaugural on January 20th, many took this message as an encouragement for more to boycott the ceremony, since she says Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) should be an example and a call to action.

Many on social media commented on the apparent insult:

A “subtweet” is Twitter parlance for a tweet that is a pointed, passive aggressive message to a person without naming them directly


We are personally disgusting by this. At least Melania will have some grace and beauty!

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